You arrived at the best place on the web to obtain ethically sourced captive bred tarantulas. Tarantulas, (family Theraphosidae) hairy, and often large, spiders that make fantastic pets and often become a fascinating hobby for enthusiasts. At Warden of the Web, we take a playful approach to our marketing, but we are serious about our dedication to these wonderful long-lived arachnids. We are dedicated to ensuring that all species we source to sell don't reduce the population of wild tarantulas.

About Warden of the Web

Veteran Owned Exotic Invertebrate Vendor located in Central Vermont

I started Warden of the Web LLC for the purpose of sharing my joy of these incredible eight-legged creatures. Early in my research, I discovered how quickly species are being depleted from the wild due to the loss of their natural habitat and poached for the pet industry. I became extra cautious from that point forward to only purchase captive bread specimens for my rapidly growing collection. I source my stock from breeders and collectors that share my passion for raising and selling only captive bred tarantulas.


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What people are saying!

As a first time tarantula mom, I had so many questions. Shannon is very knowledgeable and was patient through the whole process. I received my C Versicolor in great shape. Shannon made the whole experience easy, and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a new tarantula. Thank You Shannon!

- Melissa L

Latest News

The Warden of the Web Stock Room is complete!

We custom built this room to be clean and bright for working with tarantulas. Bright white floors areĀ mirrored by bright white ceiling tiles. The walls are a natural bright wood slat board. This room has its own circuit in the breaker box. We just use a few LED lights and a small, safe space heater in the winter.

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